Free photos – it’s way easier than you think to find and use them

Many of us find ourselves developing PowerPoint presentations, creating teaching & learning materials, and writing content for our blogs. Typically we grab photos from Google images, and then paste the images into their intended destination.  And we do this without concern about copyright, nor sourcing the image.  What? That can’t be.  We generally source written

What he lacks in pooping, my son makes up in reading – A nod to digital literacy

My 4 year old son struggles with bathroom activities but his reading skills are exceptional!  (What can I say, I’m a proud dada.) We’ve committed to reading with my son daily, but we also have also relied on the iPad to supplement our efforts. To that end, we attribute his success in reading in part

It’s Time to Dial up Webinar Engagement

I was on a ed tech webinar this afternoon where the presenter just talked and talked.  There were no questions, interaction, nor asking attendees what they’d like to learn or why they were participating. This translated into NO me.  I bailed within 10 minutes despite being very interested in the educational tool that was being

Finding Marketing Content That Resonates with Students

1 in 45 students buy Diet Coke.  1 in 45 students buy Campbell’s condensed soup. 1 in 45 students plan to watch the Super Bowl. These stats are from my classes.  Traditional brands are not resonating with my students.  So, we shifted the conversation this afternoon to Paul Logan (nice segue to Bell Let’s Talk