Flipgrid Creates Magic for 20 Somethings Too! (and contributes to UDL)

Flipgrid grid with 6 videos shown
Flipgrid fun in an integrated marketing class. Smile icon made by Vectors Market from www.flaticon.com

In an attempt to make an advertising concept more engaging a few weeks ago, I created physical manipulatives for the students. It fell flat. No magic. So back to the drawing board I went.  Today, I had to teach the same advertising concept but I wanted to try to find some magic or at least a few sparkles.  So, taking some inspiration from all of those K-12 teachers posting on #FlipGridFever, I decided to ask my students to use Flipgrid as a tool to create explainer videos.  A big shout out to my class who embarked on this little adventure with me today.

The Task:

  • Working in small groups of 3-4,
  • Watch two videos about an advertising concept
  • Record a 2 minute Flipgrid video
  • Explain the concept as if you’re speaking to a 5th grader


  • Students could:
    • watch the 2 concept videos anywhere, and at their own pace
    • reference other content to support their learning e.g., infographics
    • record a Flipgrid video anywhere
    • choose who is being recorded

 What Occurred and Supports for Success:

  • Despite referencing the provided videos, there was confusion about the concept
  • I encouraged students to take notes and/or to draw flow charts, but the confusion persisted
  • Some brave students helped me to act out the concept in front of the class – a few magic sparkles flickered in the classroom
  • We watched the videos againmore sparkles appeared…
  • I reviewed every groups’ explainer video idea, except for one
  • Groups recorded their videos
Abtract glitter blue background
Abtract glitter blue background. Created by Harryarts – Freepik.com


Despite some embarrassment, we watched the Flipgrid videos nearing the end of class.  We laughed a lot, and the students left with many metaphors that they can reference – MAGIC!


I took a moment to reflect with the class and it appeared that many enjoyed this challenging, but fun activity.  One of the things I like best is that the students who missed class will be able to watch the videos too so that they can be part of the fun.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

  • I struggled with the notion that every group would have to create a video. I know that some of them would have preferred to stand and deliver, but I really wanted them to try something out of their comfort zone.  With that in mind, I ensured that there were lots of choice and supports.
  • Allowing students to learn about the concept using videos, supplementary sources like infographics, and by acting it out live, would work towards meeting providing Multiple Means of Perception.

Are you Flipgrid-ing in Higher Ed? If so how?

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