Blank Stares after In-class Videos?

I like to showcase videos of award-winning marketing cases during class and in turn, ask the students to review, unpack, and build upon the campaigns. To my chagrin, I’m generally greeted by blank stares and faces after videos, especially if I start asking questions about the content. Guided by UDL principles, I went looking for

To Write or To Type Exams?

  How do you Express Yourself? I can more easily get into “the zone” when I’m typing.  How about you? Let’s offer students the choice to write or type their tests so that they express themselves the best way they know how.  The added benefit of typed exams for students is that they can use

Finding Marketing Content That Resonates with Students

1 in 45 students buy Diet Coke.  1 in 45 students buy Campbell’s condensed soup. 1 in 45 students plan to watch the Super Bowl. These stats are from my classes.  Traditional brands are not resonating with my students.  So, we shifted the conversation this afternoon to Paul Logan (nice segue to Bell Let’s Talk