Classroom Greetings: I Yearn for a Fancy Handshake

  Should I be teaching elementary school? You’ve seen those videos where teachers greet their students with those fancy handshakes and little dances. They look so much fun. Classroom greetings establish strong connections and relationships as well as set the tone for the teacher, students, and classroom. To be honest, I yearn for those types

Accessible Documents: Make it a Combo

A Burger is Good, but it’s Way Better with Fries. I had a little “ah-ha” (Opera) moment the other day while reading Jennifer Pusateri’s blog about alt text. Jennifer talks about developing documents to pro-actively meet Word’s Accessibility Checker (i.e., ADA or AODA regulations) rather than modifying them after the fact.  She also suggests that just

Flipgrid Creates Magic for 20 Somethings Too! (and contributes to UDL)

In an attempt to make an advertising concept more engaging a few weeks ago, I created physical manipulatives for the students. It fell flat. No magic. So back to the drawing board I went.  Today, I had to teach the same advertising concept but I wanted to try to find some magic or at least

Greetings in Higher Ed – Increasing Warmth & Sincerity

When was the last time you greeted your class in a warm and sincere way?  Have you ever said “I’m glad you’re here today” or “I’m really happy to see you! How was your week”? “Hospitality as Pedagogy” A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to participate in a digital pedagogy professional development session

Recruiting Interest – Sometimes You Gotta Eat Dessert First

“Life is short and unpredictable. Eat dessert first.” Hellen Keller Why Can’t a Swim Lesson Start with a Game? My son goes to swimming lessons weekly and has been going on-and-off for a little over a year.  Every once in a while he’ll get into the water at the start of class, but mostly, he’ll

Adapting my Teaching Style to Connect with Introverted Students

My in-class style is energetic, active, and passionate. I know that’s my style and that it doesn’t necessarily connect with all of my more introverted students. So this semester I’m trying to find ways to include those students who, for whatever reason, don’t share the same level of enthusiasm during class. Sure some of the

Who are you plugged into? Developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Teaching can be an isolating experience. I spend the vast majority of my time in class rather than with colleagues and admin work is completed at hoteling stations where I tend to be by myself. It is unlike any other job that I’ve had at the college or in marketing. In those cases, I was